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Welcome to Historical Agro-Environment Browsing System.
In this site, You can browse the Rapid Survey Maps, that is the first cartographical map series of Japan. Also, you can compare a present land use with the Rapid Survey Maps. This site will help you to understand the traditional landscape and agricultural land use change.
Please click a place in the left side map or bellow, which you have interest in.

Also, you can see Rapid Survey Maps using Google Earth. Please, download this file.
If there is any question, please see the FAQ about this site (Sorry, still only Japanese), or e-mail ( niwasaki at affrc dot go dot jp)

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The KMZ file is provided by Mr. Taichi Furuhashi (Map Concierge)

Confirmation of Japanese law.
 この地図は、国土地理院長の承認を得て、同院発行の2万分の1迅速測図を複製したものである。(承認番号 平19総測、第10号)
 この地図の作成に当たっては、数値地図25000(空間データ基盤)、数値地図2500(空間データ基盤)及び数値地図50mメッシュ(標高)を使用したものである。(承認番号 平15総使、第332号)

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